Monday, August 15, 2011

Golden Shine Brilliant Wheel Cleaner

Our Golden Shine Brilliant Wheel Cleaner quickly and easily cleans your vehicle's wheels. Whether you have painted, anodized, chrome or polished wheels, our Brilliant Wheel Cleaner will give them a show winning shine in no time. The cleaner does not have butyl or petroleum distillates which can be harmful to wheels and the environment. Using our wheel cleaner involves just a few quick steps.
First, rinse off the wheels when they are cool. Next, spray the Brilliant Wheel Cleaner all over the surface of the wheels. You might want to spray extra on the spots with heavy brake dust and road grime build up.

To help break up the brake dust, use a soft wheel brush or microfiber towel. Agitating the dust and grime will make it easier to rinse off. I usually just use a microfiber towel, but sometimes a wheel brush can get into narrow spokes easier.
Once the dirt is loosened, simply rinse with water and wipe dry with a soft microfiber towel.

And that's it. You can get more information on California Car Cover and its Golden Shine products on the company's website.

To view the video of the Brilliant Wheel Cleaner in action, please visit our YouTube page.

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