Monday, March 29, 2010

Using the New California Jelly Blade

The new designs of the California Jelly Blade and California Dry Blade were recently released and I had a chance over the weekend to test out a few of the blades around the house. Both blades have some added features which I found to be quite useful. The new Jelly Blade's design improvements performance in tight areas. The sleak, smaller design of the Dry Blade is great around the house. Here are some uses I had for the redesigned products.

Most of our customers are well aware of the California Jelly Blade and how well it works as an aid to drying your vehicle. We feel that there is no better product to safely and quickly dry your vehicle after washing it. We have also found that these products work wonders around the house.

Shower Doors
Many customers only use the Jelly Blade after they have washed their car, but my favorite use for the Jelly Blade is on the shower door. It is the best way to keep glass shower doors streak and water spot free. This is where the new "Detailer" end of the Jelly Blade is pretty handy. It is able to contour around the hinges of the shower door to sweep away more of the water. The old version of the Jelly Blade had trouble around hinges and it was one of the issue that was addressed when designing the new blade.

Just like glass, mirrors are prone to streaks and water spots if not properly cleaned. After dusting the mirrors I will rinse the mirror with water, then wipe away any drops with the California Dry Blade. I found the new design of the Dry Blade to be more ergonomic and easier to use.

Counter Tops
One new use I have found for the new Dry Blade is to clean kitchen counter tops. I would not use the Dry Blade in combination with any chemical cleaning products, but it is great for quick spot clean ups. It was great for wiping up excess water around the sink. Gently slide the Dry Blade across the counter surface and it easily sweeps away the water.

Like I mentioned earlier, the previous California Jelly Blade had a difficult time picking up water left in the corners of windows, but not the newer model. The "Extender" end of the new Jelly Blade does a great job of reaching into corners to pick up any water droplets.


The main use for the California Jelly Blade is to safe time and natural resources when you want to dry your vehicle. The new blade does just that. I found that the new blade does need a little more pressure applied to it when sweeping across the car. The new edge does require more pressure, but it does not trap excess moisture and drip excess water like the old blade would sometimes. The California Jelly Blade still has the same silicone construction, so it flexes and contours just as well to the vehicle.

Car Mirrors
Water drops in recessed mirrors were another problem area for the previous Jelly Blade. The new California Jelly Blade solves that issue with the "Detailer" end. The notched end of the blade easily wipes away water in recessed surfaces.


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

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