Thursday, September 27, 2012

The 69'er Hot Rod Recreation from our October Catalog

 I first saw the 69'er while back in Detroit for the Autorama. Fortunately for California Car Cover and me, one of our customers was overseeing the West Coast press tour for this vehicle and we were able to photograph it for our October catalog cover.

 Special thanks goes out to Loren Hulber, a long time supporter of California Car Cover, and the crew at Blast from the Past Street Rods in Pennsylvania for coordinating this photo shoot with us. The car is owned by car collector Chip Hoynitski. The name of the car builder suits the 69'er as it is definitely a blast from the past.

Carson Leather Top

 This recreation of the 69'er is an exact replica of the award winning Autorama car from the early 60s. Th original 69'er from built by the famous Alexander Brothers. This vehicle actually uses the original grille shell from the first 69'er.
Finely detailed, this car features many chrome plated and polished surfaces.

 The 69'er features custom candy paint from Sherwin-Williams.

 Uncommon Engineering in Indiana helped the crew at Blast from the Past to recreate the 69'er's classic engine. The original 69'er had a 324 Olds Rocket engine with a supercharger.

 The interior work was done at Vinny's Interior in Pennsylvania. Vinny's shop was responsible for recreating the white leather upholstery and Carson top. 

The rear antenna lifts and swivels to expose the access for the gas tank.

Advanced Custom Chrome in Pennsylvania plated the chassis and suspension parts. 
 Check out the underneath. This is definitely a show car. The frame and exhaust system are as clean as the top of the car.
In case you did not receive a copy of the October catalog in the mail, here is an image of the California Car Cover catalog cover featuring the 69'er. Do you want to get a California Car Cover catalog on the mail? Just follow the link to our website.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mustangs at the Queen Mary 2012

This past Sunday was an eventful one in Southern California. I was in Woodland Hills bright and early to meet up with some customers at Super Car Sunday to promote our last two car shows of the year at California Car Cover: the Tri-Five Show and the Nova + Chevelle event. 

From Super Car Sunday it was off to the Mustangs at the Queen Mary Car Show in Long Beach, Ca. Quite a few of our customers support and attend the show, so I drove down there in the more to check out well over 300 Mustangs of all generations.

calcarcover on Instagram

 The Mustang show was hosted by our friends at the Beach Cities Mustang Club. This was the 16th year for the car show. It is in a great location right next to the Queen Mary with plenty of parking for Ford and Mustang enthusiasts.

 The morning started with a driver's meeting to discuss all the events and the awards taking place during the show.

 Our friends from Creations n' Chrome were on hand with their chromed Mustang.

 Whether you like the old Mustangs or the new ones, there were plenty of Mustangs on display from every generation.

 One of the Wounded Warrior Ford Mustangs that it being driven around the country made a stop at the car show and attracted a lot of attention from attendees.
Big thanks to Eddie and everyone at Beach Cities Mustang Club for the invite. I had a great time at the show and hopefully California Car Cover and I can make it back next year.

calcarcover on Instagram from Super Car Sunday, Mustang Show and Topanga Vintage Market

Old Ford repair books and shop manuals
 In the afternoon I cruised back over to the Topanga Vintage Market in Woodland Hills. I was hoping to find some cool car stuff at the event and I was able to find a few cool items.
 There were a few cool steel signs and old oil cans ready for purchase. The next vintage market is October 28th if you need anything for your garage or shop.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

September Cruise Night at California Car Cover

 Our last Summer Cruise Night of the year was last night at California Car Cover. It was the third one of the summer and we had a great time hosting plenty of classic car enthusiasts for the past few months. Here are some photo highlights from the show.
calcarcover on Instagram.

 The show attracted quite a few muscle cars and classics from all over the San Fernando Valley. We had a sale booth, plus a raffle tent full of prizes donated by our event sponsors. Rock N Roll Pizza from Woodland Hills, Ca was also on hand serving New York style pizza slices.
 The the front lawn was a Chevy Bel Air, plus a few different generations of Ford automobiles.
 Our friends over at Creations n' Chrome in Valencia brought out one of their custom Ford Mustangs.

 The show attracted a variety of classics cars in all makes and models. There were new Mustangs, classic Mopars and hot rods all on display at California Car Cover last night.

 Once the sun went down the temperature cooled off and more people kept stopping by to take a look at what was going on at CCC last night.

 We had raffle prizes donated from our friends at Deltran Battery Tender, Detail Pro, Mr. Horsepower, Shop-Vac, ACME Diecast, Park Smart and Laid Back Apparel. Everyone that drove a car into the Cruise Night was entered for a chance to win. We could not have such a great time at each Cruise Night without our sponsors.

Old Pontiac Under the Lights

 After 8pm, we gave out the last of our raffle prizes and cars started to leave the show. We had a great time hosting the Summer Cruise Nights this year, and hopefully we can host a few in 2013. A big thanks goes out to everyone that attended one (or all) of the cruise nights this year, our staff and the sponsors who made it possible.

We have two more car shows coming up in October. Hope you can make it out to either our Tri-Five Chevy show or the Nova & Chevelle events. Follow along with us on Facebook to stay tuned.