Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The final event of the California Car Cover Show Series was the Parking Lot Sale, Swap Meet and Show this past Saturday. This free event is a casual get together for local friends and customers and wraps up the shows we host for 2016.

The California Car Cover Parking Lot Sale Tents.

The main attraction for the day is our annual parking lot sale. We have to make room for holiday merchandise each fall, so we empty our warehouse of open box, seasonal and discontinued items. Our 8th annual event did not disappoint any local customers looking for some great savings.

Another big draw for the Parking Lot Sale is the California Car Cover show trailer. The trailer is packed with old stock and open box car covers that we discount at the sale.

We had a handful of local customers participate in our swap meet.

The Mel-Tones played blues and classic rock songs during the show for the enjoyment of local customers.
The Habit Burger Truck was on hand to serve tasty burgers and onion rings to show participants and customers.

Each car show we host always has a great charity raffle. The Fall Car Show did not disappoint with many great prizes available thanks to our sponsors. All the proceeds from the raffle were donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The front lawn at the Fall Car Show.

Our generous event supporters and sponsors.

Thank you to everyone that attended the parking lot sale, swap meet and show at California Car Cover. We look forward to hosting another great series of events in 2017. We will announce those event dates by January 2017.

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