Friday, January 4, 2013

January 2013: 1965 Superformance Shelby Cobra

The first California Car Cover catalog of 2013 features a 1965 Superformance Shelby Cobra on the front cover. This beautiful sports car belongs to one of our local customers.
 Though it is not an original Cobra, this Superformance model is a great sports car and excellent driver. The Superformance editions of the famed Shelby Cobra are the only replicas officially licensed by Carroll Shelby because of the Superformance attention to detail.

The Superformance model features all of the accurate details of the original Shelby, including correct gauges.

calcarcover on Instagram
The Cobra features a 427 under the hood and the signature Shelby blue paint with white racing stripes. This roadster has all the authentic details of an original.

Detailed Cobra emblem

 This Cobra received the signature Carroll Shelby autograph on the dashboard.

The Cobra from above
 We took some photos of the Cobra featured one of our custom fit California Car Cover interior covers. These are pretty popular with open roadsters that have limited storage space. When an entire custom car cover cannot go on the road with you, an interior cover is a great way to keep the interior protected from the sun and rain.
Cobra Interior

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 We put together some photo collages from the photo shoot on Instagram. We think they turned out pretty cool.
 In case you did not receive your California Car Cover catalog in the mail yet, here is the catalog cover image. If you do not receive our catalog in the mail and would like to, please sign up on our website.
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