Monday, January 21, 2013

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2013 Photo Coverage

I headed out to the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale over the weekend. California Car Cover was not exhibiting at the show, but it is always an outrageous event out in the desert. Barrett-Jackson attracts cars and collectors from all over the world. I was only in town for 2 days, but took plenty of photos and videos of all the highlights. There are a lot of photos here, but it is just a sampling of what happens at Barrett-Jackson during auction week in January. Too many photos for you? Check out our You Tube channel later this week for video from the auction.
The action starts at 10am each day, so a lot of people get these early.

Olds 442

Mopar Hood

Buick Wheels

Indian Motorcycle

Classic Fruit Hauler

Dodge Charger

The auction attracts some of the biggest names in car collecting because each year it finds some of the most unique and desirable cars to auction off. Thousands and thousands of auto enthusiasts converge on the West World complex in Scottsdale for a week of automotive indulgence. There are cars, vendors, activities, seminars and much more happening all week. Here are some extra photos of all the activities and action that took place at Barrett-Jackson that you might not have seen on the TV coverage.


Vintage Buick Neon

Harrell 427 Camaro

 This year the Salon Collection had a variety of classic cars and mucle cars. Some of the highlights were Clark Cable's 300SL, a 1958 Shelby EXP 500 and a 1947 Talbot-Lago T26. Each year Barrett-Jackson attracts some ultra rare vehicles that are rarely displayed for the public. You might have seen on the SPEED channel that quite a few vehicles went for over $1 million dollars on Saturday night. The biggest sale of the weekend was for the original Batmobile that sold for over $4 million dollars.

Fatty Arbuckle's 1919 Pierce Arrow Model 66

1934 Duesenberg J Murphy LWB Custom

1956 Chrysler & Ghia Diablo Convertible

 Besides the exceptional automobiles up for auction there were plenty of vintage collectibles and automotive nostalgia for up sale.

The test track let customers test drive the latest Ford and GM automobiles, plus participate in a ride along in a Chevy Corvette or Mustang GT 500 track car.

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The car that attracted quite a crowd on Saturday was the new Chevy Corvette C7.

calcarcover on Instagram

calcarcover on Instagram

 The vendor marketplace has 100's of exhibitors selling all sorts of automotive and lifestyle products. Whether you are in the markets for die cast cars or a new mattress, it was there on display for you.
 There were about 1,300 cars up for auction during the week and all of those vehicles are on display at the auction. Tent after tent housed a variety of collector cars, classics, muscle cars and hot rods. Basically, something for everyone.
Vintage Bronco

GMC Hauler

Corvette engine powered ski boat

1970 Chevy Nova

Classic Popcorn Truck

Vintage Neon

Olds 442

Mustang Fastbacks

Buck Kinney's NHRA Super Stocker

Cadillac Barritz

Desoto Engine

Final inspection before going up for auction

Nostalgic GMC Suburban

Restored Pop Up Gas Station

Even More Cars on Display

One of many unique engine combinations on display.

Mercedes Military Truck

 The Salon Collection had plenty of exotic and European luxury cars, but there was still plenty of American muscle on the block over the weekend too.

Plum Crazy Hemi Barracuda Convertible went for over $1 million dollars

Clark Cable's 300SL sold for just over $2 million dollars

1949 Delahaye Type 175 Saoutchik Coupe De Ville

Ultra Rare 1969 Camaro ZL1 Engine

Porsche 959

 The vendor marketplace had all kinds of adventure trips and nostalgia for sale.
Have a few pennies to spare for a vintage coin changer?

Restored Original Gas Pumps

Restored Soda Machines
 On Friday afternoon my father and I took a quick trip up the 101 to the Russo & Steele auction. There are a handful of great automobile auctions taking place over the weekend, so there is plenty to see and do while in town. The R&S auction was just a few minutes from Barrett-Jackson so we thought we would check out the cool cars up for sale there.

Yenko Camaro

 The Russo & Steele auction is smaller than the Barrett-Jackson auction, but you are able to get up close to all the action with ease. The intimate auction floor is lively and everyone is packed in watching as cars are sold.

Custom Chevy Pickup

 Saturday morning at Barrett-Jackson kicked off with the unveiling of a brand new Chevy Corvette C7 at the Corvette Performance booth. The C7 attracted a crowd all day long.
Looking for a custom semi trailer?

 As the sun went down, the party kept going behind the auction block. The weather was great and people kept pouring in the auction. It was a packed house on Saturday afternoon and evening for the Salon Collection and marque vehicles.

 The biggest draw and sale of the evening was the original Batmobile. George Barris, the car's creator, was on hand as the car sold for $4.2 million dollars.

There were still plenty of cars to auction off late Saturday night and Sunday morning. It was a fun trip and definitely worth checking out if your schedule permits. Want to see where California Car Cover is sending me next? Check out our website or Facebook page for the latest news and notes.


  1. Oh, wow! I could see that the attendees really had a great time there. Plenty of classics! If you went on that event, you won’t ask for more because it showcases probably the most awesome vintage cars that the automobile world could offer!

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