Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring Car Care & Detailing Guide at California Car Cover

Spring is here and California Car Cover has everything you need to maintain your daily driver or get your classic car ready for car show season. Our spring California Car Cover catalog has many products that improve your vehicle's appearance without breaking the bank or your back. We are always hunting for great products that are easy to use and provide a good value.

Our of our most popular car care kits is the Golden Shine Show Tote Kit. It includes everything you will need to make your classic shine when you get to a car show. Golden Shine car care products, plush microfiber towels and a convenient open top tote bag, make this the perfect car care kit to keep in the trunk.

Dust Happens! A California Car Duster product is a garage staple no matter what type of vehicle you drive. There are a few different styles of their popular car dusters, such as the California Super Duster shown above. The Super Duster features an extra long handle and 360 degree cotton mop with the signature baked-in wax treatment. The car duster safely lifts dust from your vehicle's paint. Use a California Car Duster daily to maintain your vehicle in between car washes.

Suffering from a lack of suds? The Tornador Foam Gun solves that problem by combining car wash soap and compressed air. Simply add some car wash to the Tornador, connect it to your air compressor and watch the foam fly. The Tornador will cover your vehicle in a thick blanket of soapy foam. Check out the California Car Cover website to see a video of it in action.

Time to rinse? Our collection of Bon-Aire ultimate hose nozzles are adjustable, durable and compact. The hose nozzles featured either aluminum or stainless steel construction with rubber casing. Simply twist the adjustable hose nozzle to adjust the flow of water.

You cannot detail your vehicle without some premium microfiber towels. California Car Cover offers a variety of microfiber towels to wax, polish, dry or detail your vehicle.

When you are working under the hood, reach for a Fender Gripper fender cover. These cushioned fender covers are made of a unique fabric that keeps the fender cover in place without the use of weights, tabs or magnets. Fender Gripper fender covers feature many different licensed automobile logos.

Roll around the garage on our Heavy Duty Garage Creeper Seat. This seat has smooth rolling casters to easily maneuver around the garage. The wide padded seat provides plenty of comfort while you are detailing your car.

For more great products or information, please visit the California Car Cover website. We have 100's of other products that will make your vehicle looks its best this spring.


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