Saturday, September 27, 2014

10th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show at the Queen Mary in Long Beach, Ca

The 10th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show was this past Saturday in Long Beach, Ca. The events park right next to the Queen Mary was filled with vintage Honda, Datsun and Toyota automobiles. It was my first time at the event and I definitely look forward to next year's show. A few of my customers had told me that the JCCS show attracts some unique vehicles. 

If you are into classic Datsun cars and trucks, then the JCCS event is the place for you. There was row after row of wagons, 510s and compact trucks.

There were even a number of classic Japanese motorcycles on display. I saw some fully restored Honda bikes that I had not seen in person before JCCS.

Cool Datsun surf wagon with the Queen Mary in the background.

I spend most of my weekends at car shows for classic American cars, so the Japanese Classic Car Show was a nice change of pace for me. No matter what, it is always great going to a car show and seeing countless automotive enthusiasts who are passionate about what they drive.

A nice lineup of restored compact Honda bikes.

Thank you for all of the fun, JCCS! I had a great time at the show. Check back next week for more event coverage from around the country, plus upcoming events at California Car Cover.

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