Wednesday, September 25, 2013

SCCA Runoffs 2013 at Road America in Wisconsin

 While in the Milwaukee area last weekend I drove out to Road America to catch a few hours of the SCCA National Championship Runoffs. I had not been to Road America before and heard it was an impressive facility. After driving around for 20 minute on the property I found out why everyone loves the place.

Elkhart Lake's Road America is huge. The course is a 4 mile long road course and the property that the track sits on is huge. I drove around and parked my car at various points along the race track to take some photos and watch some racing. There is plenty of pit parking, plus camping space for fans and competitors.

Look at that! While driving around in the morning I happened upon one of our car covers. It is a little old, but still doing the job.

 Though the cars going around the track at the SCCA Runoffs were new, I did spot this Olds Rocket in the parking lot. It was pretty clean.

I spotted this old neon sign on the way back to Milwaukee. Along Highway 57 is the Midway Cafe. I did not eat there, but I am a fan of the old sign.

I had a lot of fun at Road America. Check back later this week for more highlights from my trip to Milwaukee, plus some great photos of vehicles from upcoming California Car Cover catalogs.

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