Monday, April 15, 2013

Pomona Swap Meet April 2013

 It was back to Pomona for the Pomona Swap Meet this past Sunday. The California Car Cover Crew arrives early at 5am to get in and set up. Even though the weather wasn't that great to start the day, it ended up being a pretty crowded Pomona Fairplex.
the line at 5am

Before the sun is even up, plenty of cars and vendors are pulling into the Fairplex to get a good parking spot. Our crew would have some trouble setting up without the extra lighting.

 One perk of our location on the main road is that we are right across from the pre-1959 parking lot, so there are always plenty of classic cars on display just across the road from our booth. There is always a great collection of classic Chevy cars and trucks.

Looking for a custom van?

 In the 1960 and later section there are plenty of project cars, cruisers and muscle cars up for sale. This is what makes the Pomona Swap Meet a great place to shop for cars. There is so much variety all in one place. 1000's of classic cars are up for sale each show.

Besides having 1000's of cars up for sale, there are rows and rows of vendors. I didn't have too much time to browse, but tried to take photos of a few unique items I noticed.

XXL Texaco Sign

California Car Cover is located on the main aisle at Row 20, so we see all the classic cars coming and going throughout the day. Here are even more cars I spotted during the swap meet.

Lincoln caravan

Chevy Nova wagon up for sale

It wasn't a beautiful day in Southern California, but it was still a crowded swap meet

This custom VW van always attracts a lot of attention. You can see more of it in our video coverage on You Tube.

Lined up and waiting to head home

 Below are some of the photos I posted to our Instagram account during the day. Follow along with California Car Cover on Instagram for cool car show pics from all over the country. You can also stay connected with CCC on Facebook and Twitter.

calcarcover on Instagram

That's was it for the swap meet. Check out our You Tube page for video from recent Pomona Swap Meets, plus more car show coverage and product news. We will see you at the next swap meet in June. -CCC

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