Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Unique Stuff Spotted at the Big Three Swap Meet

This past weekend was the annual Big Three Swap Meet in San Diego, Ca. I drove down there on Saturday to check out all the action. Here are some photos of the crowds, cars and unique stuff up for sale.

The Big Three Swap Meet is held at Qualcomm Stadium. I had never been to the swap meet before and it was impressive. There were a lot of vendors with all sorts of car parts and garage stuff. A lot of the attendees were men, women or families that had simply emptied their garages. California Car Cover was not vending at the show this year, but I wanted to go down and visit some customers.

Custom tractors built from old sewing machine parts

Need a vise for your work bench or maybe a Michael Jackson record?

Vintage anvils?

The Qualcomm Parking Lot

How about some hub caps? Or...hup caps?
The show attracts 100's and 100's of vendors from all over the country. There was aisle after aisle of car parts. I am used to the vendors and crowds at the Pomona Swap Meet, so the Big Three was impressive. There were plenty of cars up for sale and vendors everywhere.

Custom interior art in the van

Not really sure about this one...

You can find just about anything at the Big Three.

 There were a ton of vendors with bicycles and motorcycles up for sale. Any make, any model, any condition pretty much.

 I love old Chevy Novas and there were quite a few up for sale. Here are some photos of a few clean ones that were on display.
I like this vendor's signs. You can buy the rusty car parts and use them however you want.

Need a full size Unocal globe for your garage?

Door handle pile

A few vintage Bonneville race cars

Custom Spaceship

 These decals were on the back of a vintage trailer that was being used over the weekend at the show. Below is a California Car Cover Instagram collage from the show.
calcarcover on Instagram
Check back next week for more photos from adventures on the road with Tony DeFrank from California Car Cover. Follow CCC on Facebook and Twitter for event updates, specials and much more.

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