Friday, November 2, 2012

California Car Cover and Movember

California Car Cover is proud to be a supporter of Movember yet again in 2012. Movember cleverly raises awareness and money for important men's health issues. You can get more information on Movember on its website.
Past Movember styling.
This will be the forth year that Tony DeFrank and California Car Cover get involved with Movember. Basically, Movember asks men to start November clean shaven and grow a mustache all month long to raise awareness about men's health. It makes men walking billboards for the movement, as the mustaches become a interesting, funny, often concerning way to start a conversation about men's health issues, such as prostate cancer. Movember supports the National Prostate Cancer Foundation and Livestrong.

All month long, follow along with Tony DeFrank and California Car Cover on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as Tony grows a mustache to spread the word. You can also check in at the official California Car Cover Movember page to see what's new or make a donation.

In addition this year, California Car Cover will be donating a portion of each sale of our "blue" products to the cause. For every bottle of our Golden Shine Clean & Clear Glass Cleaner or Sparkling Glaze Polish that is sold during November, we will make a contribution to Movember. You can keep your car clean for a good cause. "We are proud to be a part of Movember, yet again and I am glad to start growing my mustache once more," said Tony DeFrank, California Car Cover's Executive Director. "Everyone has been asking me when the mustache is coming back and Movember is here, so it is time."

Stock up on our Golden Shine products on the California Car Cover website and support Movember.

California Car Cover's Tony DeFrank and Jimmy DeFrank. The guy in the background is not related.

"My father has had a mustache for most of his life, so it fun to go to automotive events with him while I have my mustache. Keep an eye out for us at car shows during the winter," said Tony DeFrank. Below is a copy of the Movember promo sign at the California Car Cover retail store in Chatsworth, Ca.

Movember 2012 with some cowboys at the SEMA Show.
 And when you visit the California Car Cover showroom in Chatsworth, Ca this month, you will see the Movember signage, donation box and posters.

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