Thursday, May 31, 2012

June 2012 Catalog Cover Photo Shoot with Leon Kaplan

The Father's Day edition of the California Car Cover catalog the cars and airplane of our good friend and customer Leon Kaplan. You might recognize Leon as The Motorman. Leon host a Sunday morning automotive talk radio show on KABC radio. Leon and my father, Jim, have been friends for many years. Every once in a while we will go on-air with Leon to talk hot rods and race cars.
Leon's 1996 Bonanza A-36 Airplane

We were thrilled that Leon and Lance would take time out of their weekend to participate in the Father's Day cover. The father and son team also own and operate Lancer Automotive, an auto repair shop in Los Angeles. We met them out at the hangar to take some photos of Leon's red 1957 Chevy and airplane.
Leon and Lance are fans of anything with engines. We thought it would be a unique cover shot to show our friends and customers that our products can keep any machine looking its best. Leon does use our Golden Shine Products on his 1957 Chevy, Mustang, Harley and airplane.
1957 Chevy, Mustang GT and the Bonanza.

Here I am in the  airplane. I told Leon that I have seen Top Gun quite a few times, so I am practically a pilot. I asked him if I could take the plane out for a flight and he quickly declined.

When not being driven, the Mustang and El Camino are kept clean under Plushweave California Car Covers.

Leon's 1957 Chevy Bel-Air with billet wheels and custom leather interior.

Below is the Father's Day 2012 California Car Cover catalog cover. Thanks again to Leon and Lance Kaplan for participating in the cover shoot. If you do not receive our catalog in the mail you can do so on our website.

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