Thursday, May 3, 2012

Golden Shine Variable Speed Polishing Kit

 Car care season is here and it is time to get your paint into car show shape with our Golden Shine Machine Polishing Kit. The kit includes everything you need to make your vehicle look its best. The kit is easy to use for the novice detailer, but will provide results that will meet the expectations of a detailing expert.

The Orbital Polisher Kit includes a Porter Cable 7424XP random orbital polisher. Porter Cable is a respected hand tool manufacturer and the 7424XP has set the standard for power, reliability and usability. It features an adjustable speed setting and built in clutch that prevents the pad from spinning when too much pressure is applied.
 How does your paint look? If there is oxidation, swirl marks or hazing, you might want to start with a medium cut polish, like our Golden Shine Swirl Remover. For best results, use the Swirl Remover in conjunction with our orange polishing pad. First, moisten the pad with a few sprays of detail spray. This softens the pad and extends its life. Next apply a few drops of polish to the pad as shown above.
 Before turning on the polisher, work the polish into a small sections of the vehicle at a time.
Adjust the Porter Cable to the proper setting and start to work the polish into your paint. Move the orbital around the section of paint until the applied polish begins to fade. After completing each section wipe up any polish residue with a microfiber towel.
After applying a medium cut polish, the next step is to go over the paint with a fine grade polish, like our Golden Shine Ultimate Paint Polish. The Ultimate Paint Polish is designed for use with an orbital and will give your paint a deep, glossy shine. Repeat the same steps as above, just use the color coordinated green polishing pad with the Ultimate Paint Polish this time around.
Wipe off any excess polish and now it is time to apply a coat of wax to lock in the shine. We use the quick polishing pad in conjunction with our Golden Shine Premium Wax. The quick polishing pad is the easiest and fastest way to apply a coat of wax to your vehicle. Our Premium Wax provides a durable layer of protection on your paint.
To use, moisten the pad and apply three drops of wax like you did before. Apply an even coat of wax and buff to a shine with a soft microfiber towel. For more information on this kit, please visit the California Car Cover website.

Want to see the Golden Shine Polishing Kit in action? watch our short video below of the kit in use.

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