Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to Measure Your Custom Car for a California Car Cover

A few of the tools needed to properly measure your vehicle for a custom fit California Car Cover

At California Car Cover, we have a large library of patterns to cover just about any vehicle on the road. Since 1989 we have helped 1,000s of enthusiasts protect their vehicles from the elements. Whether you have a vehicle from 2017 or 1917 we most often have a custom fit car cover pattern already available for it.

Once it a while there is a need to create a custom fit California Car Cover from supplied dimensions. If a vehicle is very rare or a modified custom car we might need a dimension sheet completed to assist in the car cover manufacturing process. Please call or email the California Car Cover office before requesting a dimension sheet. We can check our application guides to see what patterns are available. Local customers can schedule a time to bring their vehicle to our headquarters to be measured, but here are some guidelines for customers that have been emailed or faxed a dimension sheet.

For best results, we suggest using a tape measure, fabric tape measure and safe release tape along with our recommended dimension sheet. The dimension sheet notes specific points to measure on the vehicle. We will need vehicle length, width and height measurements at the designed places. The use of safe release tape will make sure you are consistently measuring from the same points. (This is very helpful in case you are measuring the vehicle by yourself).

Part 1: Measure the lengths of the vehicle as noted on the dimension sheet. Do not overlap any points while measuring. An important measurement will be the overall length of the vehicle. If the collected length measurements do not add up to the vehicle's overall length, then some measurements will need to be retaken until the numbers are equal.

Part 2: Once the lengths are correct, move on to the heights. We suggest using a fabric tape measure for some of the heights if your vehicle has curved fenders or a curved hood that needs to be taken into account. Take all measurements from the ground and also include a measurement for ground clearance.

Part 3: Widths can be tricky if you are measuring a vehicle by yourself, so confirm all widths for accuracy. Maybe volunteer a friend at this point to make sure you are properly measuring across the vehicle.

Once the dimension sheet has been completed, return it to your dedicated customer service specialist at California Car Cover. Our team member will review your included images and dimension sheet for any information that doesn't appear correct. The car cover will be made to the required specs. Please note that one-off custom fit car covers are non returnable, but our team member will work with you for the best results.

For any additional information about custom fit California Car Cover products, please visit our website or contact one of our Customer Service Associates.  We also have all this information on a convenient PDF to use while measuring your vehicle. Just ask for one when you obtain your dimension sheet.


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