Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Custom Fit Nova Protection at Church Boys Racing

Each year at the Goodguys PPG Nationals we get to visit with our friends at Church Boys Racing. Being a Nova fan, I always enjoy seeing what the Church family brings to Columbus.

Before the show, they had mentioned that a serious fire broke out in their shop over the winter and caused quite a bit of damage. Fortunately. no one was injured in the fire and for the most part their vehicles were spared.

The Church Boys told us that their were two covers in the shop, one under a California Car Cover and another uncovered on the lift. The vehicle on the lift had some damage to the rear trim and paint, while the covered Chevy Nova was protected from the heat.

Dirt debris from the fire on the California Car Cover Plushweave cover that was in the garage.
We do not make claims about any of our covers being flame retardant or fire resistance, but it was a bit of good news that came out of a tough situation. Church Boys Racing has been a customer of California Car Cover for many years and we were glad to hear that one of our Plushweave covers protected their beautiful Nova. 

This custom Nova was the vehicle protected underneath the car cover. After some detailing, the Nova looked good as new.

Thank you to everyone at Church Boys Racing for sharing the story with us. We were glad to see the Nova at Columbus and look forward to what's on display there in 2017.

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