Thursday, December 3, 2015

Winter is Coming...Prepare Your Classic for Storage

Winter is Coming...and California Car Cover has everything to protect your vehicle while in storage.

With colder weather soon approaching, it is time to get your classic car and garage ready for the winter months. At California Car Cover, we carry a variety of product to help maintain your vehicle all season long. These handy items will do wonders to preserve and maintain your classic.

Winter storage is a popular time to do routine maintenance on your vehicle. Many customers opt to get under their vehicle to do some cleaning or change fluids before springtime nears. The Magic Creeper is a popular product when ground clearance is limited. This "wheel-less" creeper lets the user easily slide around under the vehicle. It rolls up like an exercise mat, so it is portable and easy to store.

Flo Tool drip trays and oil drain containers are also useful under the car. Keep fluid spills to a minimum with the drip tray and make oil collection and recycling much easier with the Oil Drain Pan.

Is space at a premium in the garage? Make sure your vehicle is parked in the same spot every time with a Park Smart Mat. These mats attached to the garage floor with heavy duty double-sided tape. Simply roll over the first bump for perfect parking each trip home.

If your classic car is going to be sitting for weeks or months during the winter a battery maintainer is a must have to avoid a dead battery when spring arrives. One of our most popular models is a Battery Tender Plus. This maintainer and battery charger keeps the car's battery at an optimal level.

Your car not only needs some TLC this winter, but so does the garage. A Storm Shield threshold kit installs easily and keeps dust, debris and water out of the garage year round. It creates a tight seal with the garage door to maintain a cleaner environment in the garage.

Don't forget to add a compact Yellow Jacket Heater or Sta-Dri packets to the garage as well. Our Yello Jacket heater provide plenty of portable heat during the winter. Sta-Dri packets reduce moisture buildup in cars and storage areas of the garage.

Find everything you need to maintain your vehicle all winter at California Car Cover.

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