Monday, October 28, 2013

Deus Ex Machina Boundless Bike Build Off Coverage

Saturday afternoon was the Bike Build Off at Deus Ex Machina in Venice, Ca. It was my first time at the shop, but I have been a fan of the company's work for quite a while.  If you are not familiar with Deus, the shop specializes in customizing vintage sport bikes, such as Honda and Yamaha motorcycles.

The Bike Build Off was an event simultaneously taking place at Deus locations around the globe on October 26th. The Venice outpost, dubbed the Emporium of Post Modern Activities, invited a number of bike builders from all over the West Coast to compete in the contest. 

The lucky winner took home the classic Yamaha motorcycle to use for his next project. The other award winners won some prizes and vintage tool boxes.

The bikes were all judged for craftsmanship and creativity. Builders didn't necessarily have to spend a fortune. They only needed to show some skill and ingenuity.

Outside of the judging area there were plenty of motorcycles on display. Plenty of new and old Harley, Triumph and Honda motorcycles took over the sidewalks on Venice Blvd. I know that California Car Cover could make motorcycle covers for all of the bikes in attendance. (Just one shameless plug on this post).

Deus kept everyone entertained with live music, plus pizza and beer. Not a bad combination. 

The Deus Ex Machina retail store and cafe is a pretty close place to check out. The store features a lot of exclusive apparel that promotes the motorcycle and surf lifestyle.

Tip a 40 for my homies...

 Here are a few more of the competitors in the build off...

This classic Norton was probably my favorite bike at the event.

Here is a photo of the top five finishers at the Boundless Bike Build Off. There was a variety of style and finish in the competition as you can see. Here are some more photos of bikes in the Top Five. 

A special award given out to one of the bike builders.

The first place winner was the Bixby Moto dirt track mini bike with side car. This unique motorcycle took top honors for its clever construction and design. And it also only cost $250 to build if you count include the AMEX gift card that was used during the build. The sign above outlines the cost breakdown for the winning bike. The lucky build duo won the Yamaha bike to use on their next project.

Big thanks to everyone at Deus for the hospitality. It was a lot of fun and hopefully I can make it back out to one of the Sunday Mass events one of these days.

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