Monday, August 26, 2013

High Powered Cadillac Vehicles from our September Catalog

Our September catalog photo shoot featured some high performance Cadillac vehicles owned by a pair of our local customers.  It had been a few years since California Car Cover had some Cadillacs on the cover, so I was glad that the car owners and I were able to coordinate a photo shoot.


These Cadillac coupes might appear subtle at first glance, but they are producing over 1100 combined horsepower. Each vehicle has performance upgrades, but retain the luxury details that Cadillac has always been known for having.

 The 1949 Cadillac Coupe DeVille belongs to local customer Scott Fraser. The multi-year restoration includes a Morrison chassis, custom leather interior and a subtle roof chop. It is finished with deep black paint and large billet aluminum wheels.

 J.V. Enterprises handled the paint and bodywork on the Coupe DeVille.

 Underneath the motorized lift hood is a 502 cubic inch engine that puts over 55 horsepower. This large coupe can definitely get up and go on the highway.
The black leather interior wraps the dashboard and the extended center console.

 The CTS-V Coupe belongs to local customer and Hennessey Performance West Coast Sales Manager, Ken Goldman. The stock CTS-V Coupe has plenty of horsepower for most drivers, but Hennessey gave it even more upgrades.

 The HPE600 upgrades lowers the 0-60 time to 3.7 seconds. The HPE600 improves performance with a pulley upgrade and cold air intake. More information on the Hennessey upgrade can be viewed on their website.
 Our friends at Lloyd Mats made a custom set of floor mats for the CTS-V Coupe with the Cadillac script and emblem logos.

Big thanks to Scott and Ken for coming out to our photo shoot. We had a great time and hope that all of our customers enjoyed seeing some fine Cadillacs.

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