Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Art Center Car Classic in Pasadena, Ca

 This past Sunday I was off to the Art Center College of Design for the school's annual Car Classic. The event is hosted right in the center of campus and it was great setting for the show. The school is renowned for its automotive and product design programs, so it was a fitting location for unique automobiles. 
Besides the Car Classic, show attendees could explore the campus and check out the displays featuring past and current student's work. Or at least that is what I figured when I went exploring, hopefully that was okay. I had not been to the Art Center in a number of years and enjoyed viewing the galleries and design departments. I took a few Art Center at Night classes there many years ago before I realized I was better suited for a business degree than an art degree. But enough about me, here are the cars...
Vintage Mercedes and a Tucker in the background

 The theme for this year's Car Classic was Inspired Design. As the show pamphlet states, "celebrates the vehicles that stir our nostalgia, inspire our loyalty, and make our hearts race." There were plenty of examples of this from the motorcycles and cars that were showcased.

ICON Bronco

 Very cool Buick wagon and Airstream trailer.

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 The arrival of Jay Leno and the EcoJet attracted quite a crowd. The biodiesel powered turbine engine powers the super car, which is parked on the other side of the crowd. Jay also served as host of the special interview later in the day.

Lamborghini Miura

Classic American Cars: Cadillac and Buick

 Vehicles from around the globe were on display at the show. Many of the cars were there courtesy of local collectors and auto museums.
A pair of Citreon vehicles on display

 Because of the show's location at the Art Center there were plenty of students attending the show. It was cool to see them sitting on the lawn drawing the cars that were on display.

Cadillac Fins

 A cool part of the day was the interview that Jay Leno conducted with Ron Hill, a former Chief Designer at General Motors.

 It was a nice day in Pasadena and well worth the visit next year if you were unable to attend last weekend. Keep tabs on the Art Center College of Design for details on the Car Classic 2013. Come back next week for coverage from the Roamin' Relics Car Show in Moorpark, Ca.
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