Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Compact Travel Items for Your Summer Road Trip

Spring break and summer road trips are just around the corner and here are a few items from California Car Cover to help you on the road. These products will make life easier when traveling, plus are conveniently sized for limited cargo space.

The Quik Shade Backpack Canopy is the perfect shade provider at the beach or next camping trip. It folds down into a handy backpack storage tote and steps up in minutes. The canopy provides 36 square feet of shade and has a unique side shade to keep everyone comfortable.

The sturdy, yet compact steel and aluminum frame weighs less than 15 lbs so one person can carry it out to the beach with ease. Our video below shows the step to setting it up. More details are on our website.

The compact Pico Director's Chair folds into a messenger bag for easy transport. It is popular with classic car owners because old cars often do not have the trunk space for larger chairs.
This chair sets up easily and is very comfortable. The chair weighs only 9 lbs, but can support up to a 250 lb person.
You can watch a video of the chair being set up on our website. It sets up in seconds.

Going to the farmer's market or taking the kids to the beach? Don't have room for a full size Radio Flyer wagon in our trunk? This folding wagon is a great way to haul stuff (or kids) around the street or boardwalk.

It sets up easily and is ready to go in seconds. The steel frame features a durable polyester cover that is rugged but comfortable enough for the kids or pets.
For information on the wagon can be found on the California Car Cover website.

This item is not necessarily a compact travel accessory, but it will definitely be useful on summer road trips. The InCarBite iPad 2 Case and Headrest Mount lets your passengers easily access and view iPad 2 content while on the road. The case includes a power adaptor so your passengers can still watch downloaded videos or play games while the iPad 2 is charging.
The hard case can also be used as a travel case to protect your iPad 2. It features a flip down kickstand for watching videos or working at a table. You can see more on the InCarBite case on our website.


  1. Mm, it's a solid set to help make road trips and hanging around in the car easier. Less is more, as they say. Keeping your luggage compact makes organization way easier, at the start and end of any trip...

    -Nicole Vickers

  2. It is important to plan ahead of time what to bring in your vacation. Having an organized and intricately planned trip will make for some smooth sailing. It’s also good to know what car accessories are compatible with your car to further maximize your road trip. For instance, your iPad headrest mount is a techie way to enjoy your ride. You can search for more accessories, and you will be surprised what you can carry the next time you’ll have your vacation.Clint Moore

  3. Here’s another thing, Clint. It's also best to bring all the necessary items that are handy and useful. For example, you need to bring emergency tools in case your car breaks down. I'm not saying that it will, but it's better to be ready in those kind situations.

    Maria Wegner