Monday, March 12, 2012

The Mullin Museum in Oxnard, Ca

No local shows this past weekend meant I had a chance to drive out to Oxnard to check out the Mullin Museum. The Mullin Museum houses an exquisite collection of 1930s French automobiles. Rare and restored cars from Bugatti, Voisin, Delage, Renault and many others are all on display. The museum is only open a few days a month so make sure to check the museum's website before taking a drive out to Oxnard.
Classic French automobiles are not necessarily associated with California Car Cover, but any auto enthusiast can appreciate the detail and design of this one of a kind vehicles. The museum itself is remarkable. You might recognize some names of the Board of Directors for the museum. We have featured the cars of a few of them on the covers of past California Car Cover catalogs.

1951 Delahaye Type 235 Cabriolet
1928 Lorraine Dietrich

1930 Voisin C30 Cabriolet

Before a grand renovation in 2006, the museum was home to the Otis Chandler automobile collection. Inside a theater room tells the story of Peter Mullin and the collection
This 1925 Bugatti Type 22 was recovered from a lake in Switzerland in 2009. The museum has a great history on the vehicle and how it was hidden in the lake instead of being destroyed in 1934. After over 60 years of being submerged, the town decided to raise the vehicles from the lake and auction it off to benefit a charitable organization.
The museum floor
The Schlumpf Reserve Collection is a group of classic cars all on display in their original condition. The museum provides a detailed history on the Schlumpf family and how it came about these rare vehicles.

1925 Talbot Lago
1936 Voisin C38
1938 Tatra Type 87

1937 Hispano Suiza

1927 Renault 40CV Tourer

1936 Bugatti 575C Atlantic
A number of historic racing automobiles are stored upstairs at the museum.

The museum floor from above.
It was a nice trip and definitely worth the drive in you live in the Southern California area. Check back next week as I will be conducting some local shop tours, posting new Golden Shine product reviews and visiting some local car shows.

Have you ever been out to the Mullin Museum? If so, share some photos or comments with us.

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