Friday, November 4, 2011

Product Details: Compact Billet Jack

The Compact Billet Jack from California Car Cover solved the problem of changing tires on a vehicle with low ground clearance. It is only 1.5" tall, but the jack raises to a height of 6.5".
The jack can be used with a ratchet or cordless drill and a 7/16" socket (all sold separately). The jack has been tested up to 2,000 lbs so it is perfect for use with a sports car or street rod. The compact design for keeping it on the truck while on the road or storing it in a drawer on your toolbox.

Use the ratchet or cordless drill to raise and lower the Compact Billet Jack. It is much easier to lift a vehicle with the cordless drill, but a ratchet can be used if space is an issue.

The padded saddle prevents slipping or scratching to your vehicle's frame. Make sure to place the jack in a safe and secure place under your vehicle before lifting.

In no time, the tire is lifted off the ground so you can make a tire change or roll a regular floor jack underneath the vehicle. To see the Compact Billet Jack in action, please visit our You Tube channel.

The Compact Billet Jack can be purchased from California Car Cover. Please visit our website for additional details.

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