Monday, October 10, 2011

Toyo Tires Oktoberfest in Big Bear, Ca

Saturday morning I drove out to Big Bear Lake for the Toyo Tires Oktoberfest. Golden Shine, our premium car care line, was one of the sponsors of the event, so an associate and I went to the Snow Valley Resort to demonstrate some products at the show.
The California Car Cover and Golden Shine display at Oktoberfest. Before the contests and events took place I walked around the show to take photos of the nice Volkswagen and Audi vehicles on display.

In the morning all the attendees had to register for the event. The show attracted a lot of VW and Audi owners from all over the west coast.

Bernie, the Event Coordinator and owner of the GTI above, put together a great event. There was a variety of unique games in the afternoon, including the vehicle limbo contests.

Everyone gathered around for the Switch Stance competition, where teammates had to raise and lower their air ride to the perfect ride height in the fastest time possible. The winner took home a nice prize from Accuair.

Love Twinkies? A few brave attendees entered the Twinkie eating contest.

A custom California Car Cover made for the Volkswagen Projekt MK6 GTI.

Custom paint on the Mini Cooper.
Preparing for the limbo contests.

The competitors were doing everything they could to win the limbo contest. Things started to get interesting and entertaining during the static limbo contest. In the static limbo contest air ride was not allowed, so lowered car owners had to get creative, and volunteer friends, to get their cars even lower.

This VW had at least 13 people piled in it. Eww.

Anyway, California Car Cover and Golden Shine has a great time at the event and we look forward to support more Volkswagen and Audi events in the future. Thanks to everyone at dub-nation for having us out to the show.

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