Saturday, July 23, 2011

2010 Ford Flex Project

2010 Ford Flex
I recently picked up a 2010 Ford Flex Limited. I am going to cover the customization and detailing of the Flex on our blog page. I have not decided what I am going to do to it just yet, so this post involves the care and maintenance.
Because I am always in and out of our photo studio with props and products, I had my friends at Cal Trend make up a set of custom velour seat covers. They make custom covers for every row in the Flex and only take about 30 min to install. Seat Covers on our website.
The custom sun shade is a must for the summer. It's well over 100 degrees all July and August in Southern California, so the rolling sun shade has been great at keeping my dash cool.

Sun Shade Info Page

I also had to get a custom cover when the Flex is not in the garage. I picked up a Superweave because it is lightweight and easy to care for. The normal Flex pattern does not have an antenna pocket, so I had my sewing dept add that on.

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