Monday, June 20, 2011

Golden Shine Road Tour Day One

The Golden Shine leg of the Street Rodder Road Tour kicked off from the headquarters of California Car Cover this morning. More than 20 classic cars left Chatsworth, Ca headed for Las Vegas, NV (our night #1 destination). Jerry Dixey, the Tour Coordinator, gave each participant a briefing of what is in store for everyone over the next few days.

My father, Jim DeFrank, and I, Tony, will be driving along with the tour all the way to our final destination in Pueblo, Colorado. We will be cruising Pops' 1957 Chevy all the way to the NSRA Nationals this upcoming weekend.
Our first stop was of course lunch. Most drivers opted to each lunch at the In N' Out Burger in Barstow, Ca which is about half way to Las Vegas.

Here is a view of the cars on the Golden Shine Tour from our room. After relaxing and regrouping the convoy headed over to the impressive automobile collection of Art Goldstrom.

Art's collection of classics, race cars and memorabilia fills quite a few buildings. It was quite a sight for the participants.
Art's wife is also a collector. I was a fan of her collection of vintage lunch boxes.
Though unrelated to the tour, I was excited to see the collection of NHL trophies on display at the Palms. The NHL awards are at the Palms in a few days, so it was cool to see all the history. We are done for the night and getting ready for our drive to Richfield, Utah tomorrow. We will be stopping at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and Shelby America facilities on our way out of town.

Jerry from Street Rodder will covering the Street Rodder Road Tour blog as well. You can view his take of the tour on the Street Rodder website.

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