Monday, August 30, 2010

The Redster Unveiling and Super Car Sunday

One of the perks of working at California Car Cover is the opportunity to check out some cool automotive events. Here are some examples of the unique events we get to cover while working for CCC.

The guys at Cinema Vehicle Services and Fireball Time Entertainment invited us to the unveiling of Fireball Tim's latest creation, The Redster. A while back, the manager of Fireball Tim Entertainment asked me if we could make a cover for a top secret project vehicle. After looking at some sketches and hearing what they were looking for, we were on board.
The unveiling of the Redster took place at the Cinema Vehicle Services museum. CVS and Fireball Tim are both based in Souther California and influential in the movie industry. These guys are responsible for supplying the ordinary and extraordinary vehicles you see in many movies and TV shows. Many of the cars that the companies have produced were on display at the unveiling.
The original Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters.

Back to the Future DeLorean, complete with Sports Almanac and Flux Capacitor.

The Redster was built as a new promotional vehicle for Auto Trader Classics. The Chevy truck features many unique and custom touches.
Many local auto enthusiasts and TV personalities were on hand for the debut.

The Redster has tonneau cover that raises to unveil a group of touchscreen Sony VAIO computers so customers can research vehicles on Auto Trader Classic's website.
Thank you to everyone and Cinema Vehicles Services and both John and Tim at Fireball Tim Entertainment for letting us participate.

Yesterday was the last Sunday of the month which meant time for Super Car Sunday. SCS has grown into the place to be on Sunday morning if you are a car nut. On the last Sunday, So Cal locals meet up at the Westfield Promenade in Woodland Hills, Ca from 6am-1030am. The Golden Shine and CCC crew is always on hand to demonstrate products and hand out catalog.
Each show, a particular vehicle make is the featured brand and gets preferred parking. This past Sunday the featured car was Porsche, so it was row after row of 911s and a few other unique models.

Once the sun comes out, the people come out. The prime time is always between 8-9am.
For more information on Super Car Sunday check on the official website:

Hopefully see you at the next show.

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