Monday, March 18, 2013

Introducing Golden Shine Waterless Wash

This month we released the newest product in our Golden Shine car care line, Waterless Wash. This easy to use product will save you time and natural resources. Here are a few tips to get the best results with our newest cleaner.
For best results, use the Golden Shine Waterless Wash with a bundle of ultra soft microfiber towels, like our premium Quick Shine towels. Waterless Wash is a concentrated cleaner with lubricants to safely and easily remove light dust and dirt from your vehicle's finish. It is very important to use only clean towels when you use Waterless Wash to prevent micro scratching.
Waterless Wash is the perfect product to use when your vehicle is a little too dusty to use detail spray alone to maintain the vehicle in between traditional car washes. It is not recommended for vehicles that are heavily soiled.
To use, simply spray the product on a small section of your vehicle at a time and buff to a shine. Constantly flip the towel to keep the cleanest side of the towel in use. Rotate towels often to make sure you are always using a clean towel as well.

 Waterless Wash can be used on any of the vehicle's hard surfaces, such as paint and the chrome trim.
Waterless Wash is a concentrated cleaner with lubricant. It will clean and add a little shine to your vehicle. For best results, follow an application of Waterless Wash with our Golden Shine Quick Shine detail spray to give your paint a glossy shine.

Waterless Wash is available through California Car Cover or any of our authorized Golden Shine car care dealers. For more information visit the California Car Cover website.

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