Monday, August 15, 2011

Golden Shine Interior Cleaner

The Golden Shine Interior Cleaner is a safe and effective all-surface interior cleaner. Our Interior Cleaner does the dirty work by tackling dirt and stains left behind on door panels, seats, dashes, electronics, headliners and much more. The cleaner is free from harmful chemicals or dyes so it is safe to use on upholstery, leather, carpet and much more.

The Golden Shine Interior Cleaner is a water-based product that uses a simple spray-on/wipe off formula. Here are some easy tips to use the product. First, spray the product directly onto a microfiber towel. This helps controls the amount of the product used and prevents soiling or over spray. Spread the product across the surface being treated to clean.
Next, flip the towel over and buff the cleaned area with the dry side of the microfiber towel. This will give your interior a nice low sheen. Repeat this throughout all interior surfaces. The Interior Cleaner is great for use throughout the interior.
Use it on dashboards.
Leather or fabric seats.
Visors and headliners.
Plastic dash components.
Thresholds, door sills and kick panels.
For more information on the Golden Shine Interior Cleaner, please visit the California Car Cover website.

Check out the video of the Interior Cleaner in use on our You Tube Channel.

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